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Attributes of Views & Functions disappearing !

shiluba , December 11 2019, 09:29
shiluba 39
December 11 2019, 09:29 #390310
I have found a bug in CCv6 that is quite worrying : the Name and Category attributes of views & functions disappeared after I clicked "Apply".
The views broke out of their Category.
The Name of the views and functions that got affected disappeared from the left column.
The Name and Category text field disappeared from their General tab.
The Content of a Form area got erased.
As you can see in the screenshots, the demo connections were affected too.

The missing text fields went back after I re-installed CC (V6.0.12, same as before). Then I was able to use them for repairing my connections.
I started to notice this bug after I re-installed Chronoforms (V6.1.4, same as before).
I will keep this post updated if I find other problem types about this bug.

jmgroud 149
February 27 2020, 11:22 #391397
Le peu que je sais est occulté par le trop que je ne sais pas...
(The little that I know is overshadowed by the too much that I don't know ...)