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ChronoForms 6 How-To/Documentation - Old version

sactobob , December 07 2019, 23:13
sactobob 80
December 07 2019, 23:13 #390269
I have several 4/5 forms, and finally decided to use C6 for a new website. I installed C6 from a version I had downloaded previously, V6.0.11 knowing Joomla would prompt later for an update. So started developing in that version, getting used to the new format, etc. Then went ahead and let Joomla update to the latest. When that happened, things changed. My "easy" form setup no longer seemed "easy". It appears that the easy/advanced stuff is gone entirely, the forms settings page has easy/advanced columns, but most confusing is my designer page now is split into 2 sections, Load and Submit. And the documentation and how-to that I've found do not seem to match what I'm seeing.
I'd hate to go back to C5 just to do a simple "Contact Us" form, but I've spent way too long on this already. Hoping there's an easy answer to get back to where I was before with a design path that was easy to follow. I've put my form in the "Load" section, have put email, message stuff in "Submit" but I'm not getting any emails and after submit rather then going to a "thank you" page, the form re-displays.