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Menü Buttons changed with chronoforms

viRo369 , November 19 2019, 11:30
viRo369 12
November 19 2019, 11:30 #390046
Hi guys I need necessarily your help,
I would like to purchase a license for chronoforms but first of all I have to fix my "bug".
So what happens. If I add chronoforms it messes up my menü button layout.
I added it via {chronoforms6}kontaktv2{/chronoforms6} in an article.
This is how it should look like:
and this is how it looks like if I press on "Kontakt" while chronoforms is added:
If I remove chronoforms in the article, the layout works perfectly - so some settings in chronoforms keeps changing the button layout.
Any idea how to fix that?
I'm using the newest joomla with newest version of chronoforms.

Best regards
healyhatman 9
November 20 2019, 12:36 #390060
Any console errors?
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viRo369 12
November 20 2019, 12:37 #390061
Found the issue and fixed it:

Menu -> Modulsettings - advanced and add " largeMenu" to "Menüklassensuffix" in german.