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Question about e-mail action

Fredolino , November 18 2019, 16:30
Fredolino 621
November 18 2019, 16:30 #390031
I am not sure if I completed the email action correctly.
It's about a booking form.
The administrator should receive a notification email when a customer has submitted the form.
The customer should receive an email with the data from the Buchunsformular.
The Email Action:
Recipients list (admin or website-email):
Subject: Subject text
Body: body text
Auto content: Include Email enabled fields
Reply email (customer-email): {data: email}
healyhatman 9
November 19 2019, 03:41 #390039
Looks fine, what's the problem?
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Fredolino 621
November 19 2019, 12:42 #390050
In CF 5 it looked a little different.

And I got 2 single emails in my mailbox:
1 mails as a customer
1 mail as administrator
In the Thunderbird mailbox, I now have 2 mail contents in a mail body.
They are formatted differently.
a mail to the customer with text and table content in the body
a mail only with the booking data in 2 columns (for the administrator?)
But under template (load and submit) I also have a formatted table in it.
"Auto generate page template ..." is turned off for submit and load.
And in my e-mail inbox I do not see the terms "Replay name" and "From name".