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Cannot read data from database record from the PayPal IPN return

OCHSFAB , November 08 2019, 08:30
November 08 2019, 08:30 #389925
I am frustrated and cannot figure out what is going on with this issue.
I have been fooling with configuring PayPal payment ALL day. I couldn't find any instructions that go over it and there aren't any real help files for the V6 tools. Anyway, I have it setup, PayPal is working fine. I have now ran into an issue that I cannot retrieve the values from the record that I stored. I CAN update the record with the TXN number from PayPal. What I am attempting to do is to update the record and THEN send an email telling me and the user that the transaction is complete. When I send the email to myself, the only information that is returned is the information that PayPal returned back, NOT the information from the database. I am not sure where I am going wrong. I have attempted to retrieve the information from the database in different ways and none of them are successful. How am I suppose to get and use the information from the record in the database for this PayPal transaction?
healyhatman 8
November 10 2019, 11:22 #389937
You'll have to post a screenshot of your IPN event so we can see what it is you have in there already. And might as well show us the email body too.
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November 10 2019, 17:14 #389946
So, I figured out what I was doing wrong. I assumed that the data from the "read data" was going to be in the data variable, but it is not. It is actually in the read_dataX variable, based on