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Log Data not working

kmdesign , October 29 2019, 15:50
kmdesign 2
October 29 2019, 15:50 #389795
The log data function is not working on our form. It was working but it no longer works. I did the cache thing, turned it off and turned back on and refreshed cache and still does not work. I know it's not a database issue as I was able to create a table to save our items and that works but we would like for the Log Data button to function. Please advise.
kmdesign 2
November 04 2019, 14:05 #389869
Have yet to hear anything this - please advise as this is quite important for the function of this plugin and tracking data.
admin 29
November 16 2019, 06:42 #390019
Hi kmdesign,
I suggest that you turn on the debug and check the Log in the debug results, does it show the log or not ?
Best regards
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