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How to make a form only once submittable?

joachimliedtke , October 25 2019, 13:08
joachimliedtke 91
October 25 2019, 13:08 #389737
What I achieved so far:
1) User A fills the form and submits
2) user_id is saved to the database
3) User A revisits the form, database indicates, that there is an entry already with the user_id. A message is displayed, that the user A is only allowed to fill the form once.
Question: How to hide the form now or disable the submit button?
EDIT: Managed to add a custom code containing CSS. But is there a more elegant way?
GreyHead 64
October 25 2019, 17:37 #389740
Hi joachimliedtke,
I think you can use an Event switcher in the On Load event. If the record exists show a message if not, show the Display Form action.
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