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ChronoForms looks/works different as in the manual

Remko74 , September 09 2019, 13:33
Remko74 12
September 09 2019, 13:33 #389149
I try to make a contact form, like I did in ChronoForms v4 and v5, But v6 looks completely different. When I follow the manual, the instructions can not be followed, because everything is different. I start with "New" ("Nieuw" in Dutch) and can choose between "Empty Form" and "Demo Form". But I can not make a choice between "Easy" or "Advanced". In the manual I see the main tabs "General"and "Designer", but in my v6 I have Settings, Pages and Translate.
I tried to create a form, but all the CSS settings of the Joomla Template are overwritten by semantic CSS. I defined all tags for headings and text in my template. Do I have to define them again for the form??? The semantic CSS is also very big and contains tags I never use.
When I search forums for the issues, I only see as last message that some issues will be solved in the next update, but the issues that are described (January 2019) are still there.

What can I do to make a form in the style of my website that will be send to me and the visitor of the website . After submitting a message in the style of the site, containing elements from the form ({name} , {email}, etc...) must be displayed. For v4 and v5 I had perfect working forms, but now I want to update a v4 form because I want to use the latest ReCaptcha. An example of the form (v4) can be found at is my test location. When you change the language to Dutch the v6 version is displayed (
healyhatman 7
September 10 2019, 11:18 #389161
If you want the form to look like your website you'll need to either change the classes the fields and form are using to ones targeted by your template CSS, or add semantic ui selectors to your template CSS selectors. That's just how it has to be, they can't make it so any arbitrary template CSS is automatically targeting the correct selectors.
The documentation is out of date, but there are heaps of demo forms you can look at. I also supply a shortcode reference for free on my site.
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Remko74 12
September 10 2019, 13:56 #389165
Thanks for your reply. I already started with defining te parameters in a CSS in the form an that works. But now the CSS of my template defines the font size for H2 i.e. to 32px, Semantic UI changes the size to 24px and in the CSS file I define it to 32px !important to make it 32px again. The same for the labels, the text, the input fields. Every tag in the form is defined 3 times. Not really efficient, I think....