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how to edit multiple fields

NickOg , August 20 2019, 21:29
NickOg 832
August 20 2019, 21:29 #388937
Just coming to grips with CC6. I have a pre-existing Multiple set of controls in Fields. How do I add another field to that multiple? The drag control doesn't seem to work and I can't create a new field in the multiple.
NickOg 832
August 20 2019, 21:32 #388938
Doh! One missing step - click the tick first!
minakara 22
September 22 2019, 16:27 #389273
I have de same problem. Have somenone to help us?
Thank you
NickOg 832
September 22 2019, 20:14 #389275
On the 'Views' tab' and the 'article_form_fields' view and then
  1. Click Multiple
  2. Click the green tick in the new control created
  3. Click as many fields that you want to add to that Multiple
Not sure why but I can't upload screen shot to illustrate. Copy sent to your PM (I hope)