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custom search field in ccv6

teldrive , August 16 2019, 16:27
teldrive 519
August 16 2019, 16:27 #388865
Hi everyone
I have seen issues related to missing field widget on (view tab CCv6) and and custom search button without answers
Mi issue may be simple but I didn't find solution yet:
I need set a dropdown field(qith dynamic key-value pair that works fine and a button to send "selection" to filter results in {fn:read_fields} I generated button-event but I could not make works filtering model.field :{data:selection}
I tried with "search view-widget" and worked fine, but I need my custom dropdown search field+button
Also I don't know why $this->data['field'] doesn't work in ccv6 to call variables as in cfv6, and for example it will be a workaround to make this relation $this->data['keywords'] =$this->data['selection'] to make it works;
I apreciated also if someone can tell me how can i set a dropdown field and button on same line