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Upload action not working since update

royvdberg , July 19 2019, 09:34
royvdberg 6
July 19 2019, 09:34 #388321
Since a recent update my Chronoform uploads files to the default location (/components/com_chronoforms/chronoforms/uploads) instead of the path set in the upload action.
Any idea how I can force this path parameter to be updated?
admin 28
July 19 2019, 11:09 #388326
If your form is in v6.1 mode and you have the "Upload files" setting enabled then that will use the default path, if you need a custom path then you will need a different "Upload files" action for that and disable the "Upload files" setting.
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Alistair 91
December 06 2019, 17:21 #390254
Which update would you be referring to?