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Bot sending empty forms

joachimliedtke , July 16 2019, 09:11
joachimliedtke 70
August 12 2019, 08:49 #388798
Seems to be. Just one question left: Why should I enable the content plugin if it is working without?
admin 28
August 12 2019, 09:55 #388799
you should not, it has been replaced by the system plugin!
If your main question got answered then please mark the answer using the button!
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Alistair 90
December 09 2019, 08:07 #390273
The plugin that creates problems with the empty forms is this one "ChronoengineGcore2" ?
That's the only plugin I can see related to Chronoforms. I don't see any "content" plugin.
ltempest 71
January 06 2020, 10:24 #390560
I think I may have the same issue. I have a v6 form, with required fields, captcha setup, working and active. Yet I still recieve a number of completely blank submissions on a daily basis.
I have the Chronofroms6 content plugin and a ChronoengineGcore2 system plugin. Do I need to disable BOTH of these plugins or just the content one?
Alistair 90
January 09 2020, 17:45 #390622
It is not just BOT sending empty emails, in my case never BOTs, but perfectly good clients who fill in the form correctly but I only receive an empty email, all I have to do is contact them back and say I received the email without any text. Not very professional but better than losing a contact. I have server validation activated but it doesn't seem to make a difference, still getting empty emails.