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Additional rows added to MySQL

bensonley , July 07 2019, 17:38
bensonley 101
August 09 2019, 13:53 #388758
@healyhatman ok good idea, will test today.
bensonley 101
September 11 2019, 15:09 #389172
Ok after a rather extensive amount of testing I seem to have found the problem, nothing wrong the code, although i have cleaned it up a lot since. It did make me doubt my abilities and logic i have to say!
So... it was down to the class toolbar-button being added to submit buttons which i'd added.
This was causing issues with duplication's on many forms., but never used to so it wasn't actually very easy to spot. I'm still unsure as to why this cause a problem, maybe an update in the semantic js or gecore code? Maybe Max can shed a light on it?
I'm still looking into it and monitoring any developments, but this was arduous and time consuming for something very simple. Hope this helps anyone with the same issues. Thanks for the help also.