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Problem with new update?

Fredolino , June 03 2019, 13:25
Fredolino 606
June 03 2019, 13:25 #387231

I have a big problem.
I used and adapted a demo for my project.
After the update from CC the names of the functions are now gone and my whole form does not work anymore ....

many Greetings
<img src="" alt="">
healyhatman 9
June 03 2019, 14:16 #387233
The new update today? Try reinstalling the latest CC followed by the latest CF.
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Fredolino 606
June 03 2019, 14:29 #387234
I bought "Elastic 90 days" yesterday and re-validated CC and CF.
That's the only reason I can imagine that an update has come today.
Unfortunately, I can not take back the update.
Fredolino 606
June 03 2019, 14:40 #387235
from today:
CC 6.0.11 June 2019
CF 6.1.4 June 2019
Fredolino 606
June 03 2019, 16:05 #387236
What do I do now? My whole CC form does not work anymore. And I had to extend the Elastic validation, because the period has expired. So I can not do any re-installation anyway.
Fixing the database did not help either. Cache does not empty either.
I do not know what happens when I completely install the free CC version again and once again do the purchased validation.
It's not possible to create a completely new form either. I tried. After saving, the designation of Data save and Read Data under Functions is missing again.
Fredolino 606
June 03 2019, 20:03 #387240
I have a recent backup of last night installed and the updates again recorded.
The updates are not, I have some time tested.
But a test from me has recognized the problem, it must be a bug.
If I change something on the form and then save again, then the function names disappear.
The problem affects all CC forms!
It can only be this way:
90 days ago I bought an Elastic version for 90 days.
7 days before the deadline, the problems with the missing function names occur.

Yesterday, with the purchase of a new Elastic version for 90 days, I extended the term of the component. This requires a new validation. I did this.
But the problem has not disappeared with the new validation. It remains.
How can the support help me now? I can not use a CC form in the Elastic version!
Maxdeneb 1
June 04 2019, 09:25 #387246
ChronoConnectivity_V6.0.11. After upgrade function's name and its value disappeared. This results in a general malfunction. The views no longer find the functions
Fredolino 606
June 04 2019, 09:53 #387247
Is someone on the problem off ???
It's a bug and I'm pretty much on the hose now because I'm getting stuck.
Again as a hint:
Everything worked up to the point when I recorded the Elastic extension. The CC and the CF versions were up to date!
The problem only occurred when I bought and recorded a new Elastic version a few days before the first Elastic validation expired.
After the extension, CC will not work as described earlier.

If you play this extension, then you will also be asked via Joomla to update CC and CF, although already before the current versions were installed.
I have tested it several times now, because luckily I got back-ups from the database from the provider. So I was able to reset the database on the stand before importing the 2nd Elastic version.
healyhatman 9
June 04 2019, 10:18 #387248
Might need to email the Dev for that one, use the contact link up top
Web developer at - I DO NOT work for ChronoEngine!
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Fredolino 606
June 04 2019, 17:22 #387265
Thanks for the information.

I used the contact form at the top and wrote an e-mail this morning.
So far I have not received an answer. Let's see if maybe someone reports.

The days until the expiration of the extended validation are still running, although I can not do anything in the time with CC. :-(
Arnold_S 5
June 05 2019, 09:23 #387291
Hi all
Same problem ..... is there a solution for that issue?&nbsp; My users should share data on my page ....... it´s not possible ........ argh .....
BrianS 2
June 05 2019, 13:36 #387292
Hi. I have the same problem. It happens when I save a connection even if no changes made. When adding a database function, the default name appears. However, once the connection is saved all the database function names disappear.
megana 192
June 06 2019, 15:52 #387309
Also having this problem. Thankfully I was working on a new connection when it happened the first time. We use CC and CF for a lot of our management areas on different sites, but now we can't edit any of our connections with each item in the Functions tab losing its name and breaking the whole thing.
samir1903 182
June 06 2019, 19:50 #387311
I dont understand this updates supposed to help but each update i feel scary
i just saved the CC and names disappear i dont have elastic or whatever it is simply CC function names are gone and looks like you dont want us to change the names of functions like db read anymore
megana 192
June 06 2019, 19:54 #387312
Our sites are validated with classic keys, if that's useful info at all.
healyhatman 9
June 07 2019, 00:15 #387318
I can confirm this error too now. Saving a connection removes the name of read/save data actions. Additionally, some categories in views are not shown correctly and there are errors.
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healyhatman 9
June 07 2019, 00:22 #387319
Looks like the NAME field is missing in CC, so that's why the names aren't being saved.
Web developer at - I DO NOT work for ChronoEngine!
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Custom CF / CC Plugins and Extensions:
mestizero 10
June 07 2019, 01:05 #387323
I created a fresh connection and one of each type under view and function. After saving, most of the default names were removed (since the name field is missing). Hopefully this will help track down the issue. I can't seem to upload screenshots, so I marked those with three asterisks (***) that have name fields intact after saving.

=== VIEWS ===
- Chart ***
- Divider
- Google Maps
- Header
- Paginator ***
- Search ***
- Row Selector
- Sorting Link

- JavaScript
- Stored Block

- Details List ***
- Repeater ***
- Table ***

- Button
- Calendar
- Checkbox
- Checkboxes
- File Field
- Password field
- Radios group
- Dropdown
- Text field
- Textarea

Advanced Fields
- Hidden field
- Google Address
- Rating

Security Fields
- Honeypot
- Google reCaptcha

- Form area

- Link ***
- Task Button ***
- Toolbar Button ***

- 2CO Listener
- 2CO redirect
- PayPal IPN
- PayPal Redirect

- Check Honeypot
- Check Google reCaptcha
- Validate Data

- Download
- File Info
- Upload files

- Custom code ***
- Email
- Message
- Redirect
- Stored Block

- Data Builder 2
- Loop ***
- PHP ***
- Switch ***

- Delete Data
- Read Data
- Save Data

- Login
- Plugins
- Save custom fields
- Save User
- User activation

- Session Cart ***
- Zapier webhook
mestizero 10
June 07 2019, 01:17 #387324
Thanks imgur!
admin 28
June 07 2019, 06:05 #387325
Hi all,
Apologies for that, just released a new Connectivit update to fix the issue!
It's problem with the view/function name as some users have noted, it has nothing to do with the validation.
Best regards
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