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Formatting "read_data" in "Views"

Fredolino , May 23 2019, 16:19
Fredolino 493
May 23 2019, 16:19 #387023
I wanted to ask if there is also the possibility to display his data from the database individually in "Views".
I only find a "Table" and "Lists" view.
I do not see anything with Custom / HTML. Or maybe with PHP and "echo"?
{var:read_beobs.Beo.datum} {var:read_beobs.Beo.fundort}<br />
healyhatman 8
May 23 2019, 22:06 #387027
Sure, exactly like that. If you have it as return all matching instead of return first then you need to put a key in between the read_beobs and the model name. Like read_beobs.0 read_beobs.1 etc etc. If you have multiple you want shown then you'll want to use a Loop.
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