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Use result of a read data fn in the where conditions box of another read data fn

stikkimorey , May 15 2019, 15:30
stikkimorey 72
May 15 2019, 15:30 #386879
I have a read data function which displays correctly when I refer to it using custom code like: {var:read_hub.Hub.value} In this instance, it returns the hub "Cleeve"
I have another function called read_articles which has the models Article and Asset
When I use this Where condition in read_articles it works: Asset.asset_owner:Cleeve
But if I try to refer to the result of read_hub with Asset.asset_owner:{var:read_hub.Hub.value} I don't get any results.
Please tell me what I am doing wrong.
stikkimorey 72
May 15 2019, 16:05 #386880
Ahh - I needed the read_hub function to run before the read_articles function. Now it works