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How can we get an area to load, hidden?

winchesterlyon , April 17 2019, 22:41
winchesterlyon 14
April 17 2019, 22:41 #386081
I have a group of fields that I need to be in a Multi Field area to load when certain option is selected from a radio group. This is easy for the fields, but not for the areas.
By being able to do this with an area, I can put a repeater in the area. Example:
I ask the question: "Is there a charge to any of the facilities listed above?", with options, "Yes" or "No".
If the visitor selects, "Yes", the following fieldset woould appear on the form.
"If yes, please list the name of the facilities and the fees to use them." appears with 2 fields and a repeater button to add more fieldsets.
Is there a way to do this?
Best regards,
healyhatman 9
April 17 2019, 23:00 #386093
Field events can't target fieldsets, it's a known bug that should be fixed soon. So step 1 is put your fieldset inside a segment or other div.
Step two add the class "hidden" to the area.
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winchesterlyon 14
April 18 2019, 16:15 #386138
Thank you. I will give that a try.
Best regards,
winchesterlyon 14
April 18 2019, 21:42 #386142
Hi healyhatman,
Thank you for the help. I used a Container Area to place both the standard fields and the repeater area in. I added "hidden" and my own class in the the Class and then set the field that's going to trigger the even to "Show" on "Select" with the class I added to the Container Area's class. This also works with Grid Area.
Best regards,