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Dropdown allow addition

rafaelscouto , March 12 2019, 12:00
rafaelscouto 149
March 12 2019, 12:00 #384764
Good Morning

I really liked this new feature of the "allow addition" dropdown.

I have two dropdowns, the second one reload according to the choice of options of the first, except that with this new addition feature, the second dropdown does the reload and returns no value.

I'd like to sort this out. When using this addition feature, generate a fixed option in the second dropdown.

I hope you have understood haha
admin 27
March 14 2019, 19:03 #384847
Hi Rafael,
The added text will be passed as the dropdown value in the data array (as if it was an option), you can use that value to build the desired options for the 2nd dropdown!
Best regards
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rafaelscouto 149
March 15 2019, 17:58 #384882
I understand.

But when a new addition occurs, the 2nd dropdown is reloaded and returns no value, is left blank.

I wanted to reload show a value determined by me
healyhatman 7
March 15 2019, 22:41 #384891
How do you determine what gets shown in that second dropdown? Because I'm betting you haven't accounted for the added value not existing. Like you've only checked for dropdown1 being A or B, and haven't set it up to properly handle the user typing in C
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