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Previous button does not work with required fieds

indieben , March 11 2019, 22:54
indieben 133
March 11 2019, 22:54 #384724
setting a previous class button does not overrride required fields in a tab situation even with disable validation set on the previous button.
Thanks for taking a look.
healyhatman 9
March 12 2019, 02:42 #384733
This has been the case for at least a few years now I think. But always good to bring it up again, nice if there were an easy option to change the behaviour.
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indieben 133
March 12 2019, 12:02 #384765
Cheers healyhatman for the +1 - Emailed Max too!
admin 28
March 13 2019, 18:39 #384793
This bug has been fixed and should be available in the new update along with few other changes to the partitions area!
Best regards
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indieben 133
March 14 2019, 16:35 #384836
Tested this out. Everything appears to be OK now (No reflection on Admin/Max, sometimes bugs reveal themselves in different reincarnations). Many thanks to Max for giving it a good hefty swat! Update can simply be downloaded along with the usual CMS updates. Don't forget to clear the cache!