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Is the brand-icons font in use?

joachimliedtke , February 25 2019, 08:11
joachimliedtke 52
February 25 2019, 08:11 #384162
Is the brand-icons font used at some place in Chronoforms? If you look at assets/semantic-ui/semantic.min.css it is the case, but the font is missing in the cegcore package.
healyhatman 7
February 25 2019, 10:34 #384167
ISSUE: Some Semantic-UI Icons are not included with Chronoforms
INFO: The brand-icons font files from Semantic-UI are, for some reason, not included in CF. For example Facebook, Twitter, Chrome, etc etc.
SUGGESTED DEV FIX: Include the files. They're core SUI files, why wouldn't you include them Maxx?
WORKAROUND: Download the Semantic-UI files yourself, copy over the brand-icons font files.
No they're not. Don't know why the dev wouldn't include them. You can get around this by downloading Semantic-UI and putting the brand icons files in the libraries\cegcore2\assets\semantic-ui\themes\default\assets\fonts folder. This fix will need to be reapplied each time you update CF or CC though.
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admin 27
February 25 2019, 11:09 #384170
They are not included because they will add 500 kb to the installer size raising it above 2mb, now many servers limit the upload size to 2mb, this means many users would not be able to install the package.
Possible solution is to include only "some" of them, please post which ones you would like to have included!
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healyhatman 7
February 25 2019, 11:13 #384172
Rightio. And enough users don't know how or are not able to change their server settings to allow larger file uploads, gotcha.
Other workaround is to include a link to the font-awesome CSS file, available via CDN, and use that instead for icons guys.
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