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Dynamic fields

marcozeus , February 10 at 12:19
marcozeus 23
February 10 at 12:19 #383788
I'm sorry if my question is old and/or silly, but I'm not a developer and always I used CF for simple forms.
My need is: I have a dropdown field (or radio buttons) with 4 cities name and when I select one I would like to automatically change the related other text field (read only) with the name of hotel of that city selected before in the dropdown.
I tried the advanced events but I don't know how to pass the value from a field to another one.
Thank you very much
healyhatman 6.1
February 10 at 12:44 #383789
There's a "dynamic dropdown" demo form. Just replace the second dropdown with a text field.
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You can now copy+paste code from forums
marcozeus 23
February 11 at 01:24 #383797
Wow, I had never seen the demos menu!
Thank you very much for your help