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Create a field to enter an e-mail address to send the form to. (for examples for sending a quote)

tiamomagirati , February 02 at 06:25
tiamomagirati 6
February 02 at 06:25 #383551
Hello, I would like to create a Form with ChronoForms 6 to send estimates.

I have correctly created the fields I need (name, phone, city, etc.) but I can not create the field where it will insert the email address to which the estimate will be sent.
How can I do?

(In ChronoForms 5 I was able to use the "Dynamic To" command in "Edit action." Unfortunately, I do not see this option in ChronoForms 6 and I can not create the form.)

Thanks for any simple answers .. unfortunately I'm not a computer technician :-)
healyhatman 5.7
February 02 at 08:51 #383553
Recipients list.
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I don't work for ChronoEngine but I do accept donations

You can now copy+paste code from forums
tiamomagirati 6
February 14 at 07:33 #383876
Many Thanks