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hwsassisi , January 26 at 12:16
hwsassisi 51
January 26 at 12:16 #383315
Dear all,
i'm using the following antispam in multilanguage mode:
but, randomically, in the frontend I have:
where "Array" label appears, instead of the right message like:
It seems a problem related to the multilanguage, because in another site I'm developing without multilanguage, it doesn't occurs and message is correctly written.
I'm using PHP7.0 and Joomla 3.9.2 with latest Chronoform version

Do you have any suggestion?
healyhatman 5.0
February 07 at 04:46 #383669
I don't have any suggestions sorry. Maybe check to make sure your language tags are correct. If you put {lang:ANTISPAM_MOON} for example in a custom code or custom HTML block, does it come out the way you expect?
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admin 25.9
February 07 at 11:27 #383691
I can not reproduce this issue, could you please attach a form backup or even a simple demo form with the problem ?
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hwsassisi 51
February 08 at 18:04 #383730
Here the backup
(25.01 KiB)
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