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Connected form (Datas)

emrahsevgi 34
January 19 2019, 18:59 #383041
I have a big project but this problem is basic problem. If anyone help me then I can use that procedure all of my project. Problem can describe like this:
My dream will be like this:
I have 3 form. I want to create
Form 1 datas are main datas.
Form 2 datas are subdatas of form1 data's
Form 3 datas are subdatas of form2 data's
These explanation is:
Form1 is create is a legal case. Form2 will add meetings to created legal case by form1. form3 will add some datas to to created legal case by form1.
I don't know how can I do thesee.
Second problem is:
A page will listed Form1 datas which are logged user's own datas.
When clicked one of listed data then open another page. That page will have these links "Edit Data" "Add Meeting" (form2) "List Meeting"
When click "Edit Data" link then edit form1 data. When click "Add meeting" link then add a meeting data to form1 sellected data (Remember first page listed Form1 datas which are logged user's own datas and we clicked one of that data).
I guess I have to use different tables because a lot of users will make proccess in same time.
Who can help me for an small example of this project? Your example may only 3 fields. I can develope that example.
thank you.
healyhatman 9
January 20 2019, 00:48 #383044
Like I said in the email it's not a "basic" problem. Form 1 is easy, form 2 requires a little bit of an idea of how databases are related to each other.
The list page with all the edits and clickable elements means you need to know a fair bit about how CC works. If you don't have the budget to get me to make it for you then you should have a look at the CC demos and the FAQs.
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