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Make hidden field visible on button click

Hi there,
we've got a form with 3 fields and 3 buttons (1st one visible, 2nd+ 3rd hidden). We want the following:
Fill field -> validate -> button becomes clickable -> after click, second field and button become visible and so on
Can we achieve this only with Chronoforms?
Hi netwa,
Yes you can do that using the element 'Events' settings.
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Do you have an example for download, which shows this function?
You can use the events to "Show" an element when you click a button. But for the part where you want to do field validation before enabling the button you will have to code yourself.
Chronoforms uses Semantic-UI, if you want to start researching on how to do it.
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DON'T COPY+PASTE FROM THE FORUMS! It adds hidden code-breaking format characters!
I have found the Events-Tab Thank you!