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Calling CC6 to CF6 -- Stuck on connecting code

Tom123 , December 10 2018, 21:56
Tom123 1
December 10 2018, 21:56 #382138
I am trying to call a CF6 form from CC6.
1) I found two syntax for the code: {chronoform.section:form-alias/section-name} and {chronoform/section:form_name/section_name} I am not sure which one to use. If my form alias in CF6 is AAA then would the command be: {chronoform.section:AAA/display_section1} or could I just use: {chronoform:AAA} ? a working example would be great
2) I created a form view in CC6 called form_AAA. I am not sure where the line of code is suppose to go : Action URL:, Data Provider: or Content. I am able to display a list of records and can click on the edit link. When I do the click, I am getting a blank window with no error messages.
I was able to do this in earlier versions of CC and CF, but the user interface has changed. I have also gone through the CC6 demos, but all the examples are calling internal CC6 forms. I have also tried many permutations of the command to no avail.
healyhatman 7
December 12 2018, 06:41 #382182
If you want to know which one works, just try it and find out. But it's the second one.
As to the other thing would need heaaaaps more information to help you. Screenshots, the works.
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