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Multi files upload doesn't work with iPad & iPhone, got 400 bad request

hahieuit , November 29 2018, 07:58
hahieuit 2
November 29 2018, 07:58 #381854
Hello everybody,

I have a Joomla website. That is using Chronoforms5 to allow the user to upload a file to the server. I am using Bluehost server to store the website.

You can refer to URL:

That form is working fine on desktop and Android devices. But when I choose and submit multiple files from Browse of an Apple device (iPhone, iPad), I get a 400 bad request.

I checked the log of the website on the server. But I see no error log. So i'm not sure issue related Server or Chronoforms.

Anyone could help me know what is the cause of the issue?

Thank you.

GreyHead 64
November 29 2018, 11:52 #381868
Hi hahieuit,
I think that Apple still gives all the uploaded files the same name ;-(
Please see this FAQ It was written for CFv4 , but something very similar should work for CFv5.
ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
hahieuit 2
November 29 2018, 16:57 #381883
Hi Mr Bob.
I'm very happy when i received your reply.
I've read and tried that post ago. But i still got error.
As that post, we just change name when files is same type.
I tried attached 3 files different type, a pdf file, a docx file and a gif file.
But i still get 400 bad request
Are you know cause of issue? Hope get more support from you.
Thank you.