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Submitting form now results in error T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE

MaestroC , November 14 2018
MaestroC 65
November 14 2018 #381496
We've had a pretty complex form done in V5 for several years now. Recently it has started throwing errors when a user submits it. Exact error is:
 0 - syntax error, unexpected ''/chronoforms/pdfs/SurveyForm/' (T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE)
I've turned on debugging but it doesn't show me anything additional so I don't know where this is coming from. It appears to be saving the data to the database but it is not sending out the emails that it should after a user submits the form. Example of the form is here:
Is this error due to something in the TCPDF creation code or is it somewhere else? In any case if no changes to the code of the form have been made is it possible an update to CF or TCPDF could be the cause of this error?
EDIT- I thought it might be related to TCPDF so I tried to install the action again with the version available in the CF downloads area. When I try to install the TCPDF action I get the error "Class ZipArchive not found".
SOLUTION FOUND? I had to turn my PHP on that entire account back down to 5.6. When I did so the error went away Is CF 5.0.17 not PHP7 compatible?
healyhatman 5.2
November 14 2018 #381498
CF5 is getting pretty old now and yes there are increasing reports of incompatibilities with PHP7
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GreyHead 63.3
November 14 2018 #381502
Hi MaestroC,
I am only seeing one irritating PHP Notice with PHP 7.
The error message looks as though it might be coming somehow from the name of the TCPDF file being saved. Could that be it?
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