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Display images as thumbnails?

PotatoGraphick , November 12 2018
PotatoGraphick 4
November 12 2018 #381471
Is it possible to get attached images within a message to display as thumbnails which can be pressed to enlarge? This particular forum uses a lot of imagery, and as such I would like the images presented as thumbnails to reduce the length of messages.
PotatoGraphick 4
January 13 at 02:24 #382782
Is it possible to get a response to this?
healyhatman 5.2
January 13 at 06:48 #382783
You would be able to but you'd have to code it in yourself. If you'd like to request it as a feature, you can use the Contact link up top and ask the dev.
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You can now copy+paste code from forums
PotatoGraphick 4
January 13 at 07:09 #382784
Thanks. I ended up moving on and using a different product.
The complete lack of documentation and features in this got too much.