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Export SQL table in CSV document

clovismartins , September 11 2018
clovismartins 1
September 11 2018 #380103
Help me please.

I’ve one form that save data in SQL table (#cf_reg).

I´ve another form, that haves only a submit button, when clicked, it must export all data of table (#cf_reg) in a csv document.

Until that moment, the setup of second form have a read data and inside a CSV export, but I don’t remember how I configure this.

What I must fill in “Data provider” field of CSV event?

Can you help me? question_cf6.png

GreyHead 63.5
September 17 2018 #380215
Hi clovismartins,
The Data Provider should, I think, be the name of the data set created by your Read Data action. Adding a Debugger might help you diagnose this.
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healyhatman 6.1
September 18 2018 #380231
Data provider should be {var:read_data10}
Titles should be as it says name:Title so if you have a field called "client_id" in your read data you would do for example model.client_id:Client ID Number
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