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CC6 - Form field call a function

Roaf , August 07 2018
Roaf 22
August 07 2018 #379490
Hi, I have made a confirmation screen for orders, with the ability to edit an order.
When an administrator goes to edit an order, they are given a screen of that order's form fields which I have set up. What I wanted to be able to do is when they select a new product or item, it would recalculate the price based on the item selected from a drop down. I cant figure out how to make an onselect event run a php script to update the total field.
Has anyone done this? Essentially, I want to run php script from a form view when a selection is made.
healyhatman 6.0
August 09 2018 #379508
Should work exactly the same way as in ChronoForms, when you reload a field. If not, just use a jQuery AJAX call.
Inside a DOM.ready
Inside a normal JS block
data: {...},
success: function(result) { (whatever it is you want to do, probably jQuery('#fieldtobereplaced').html(result); }
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