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Really appreciate for your help - Mailchimp VS CF6

jejhrhrik , August 04 at 22:01
Dear everyone,
I am new to CF and this Forums. I started using CF couple of days ago (version 6). I am creating a Easy Form and trying to simply add whoever submitted this form to my MailChimp List.
I am really lost in the very beginning and really couldn't find any solution to add the submitted emails by using CF6. Could you please kindly help me, send me simple guid or link to help me to get this works?
It is really a great help if you could do so.
Best regards,
Hi Jej,
You can connect to MailChimp using the cURL action to send the form data and your MailChimp user info.
ChronoForms technical support
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Hi Bob,
I am trying to connect my form to mailchimp using the cURL action and am wondering if you have an example of how to do this?
Currently I am able to connect to mailchimp but am getting an error:
"Your request did not include an API key."
Thanks for you help
Well did you include an API key?
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I don't work for ChronoEngine but I do accept donations
@healyhatman; Yes. I have tried entering the user:'anystring:<your_apikey>' (and yes I changed the "your_apikey" to mine in mailchimp). What are you putting in the "Data override" section of the cURL action?
The Chronoforms parser generally turns the second ':' into an equals sign, which might be happening here. Either use a {var:} to hold the string or make your own CURL action in a PHP block.
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I don't work for ChronoEngine but I do accept donations