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Chronoform v4 laundry! Help!

lifecolor , July 25 2018, 07:24
lifecolor 27
July 25 2018, 07:24 #379243
Hello everyone, despite having inserted in my chrono form the mandatory fields and the captcha continue to arrive spam emails. Below is one of them:
Nome claudineke60
Messaggio Updated contrive page:
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Here are the links of the forms that generate the spam:

Can you give me a hand? Thank you
healyhatman 9
July 25 2018, 08:43 #379246
It's not magic, it can only stop automated submissions. If a person goes and fills the captcha in correctly there's no way to stop it.
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Protopia 1
January 31 2020, 18:34 #390983
I know this is somewhat late, but the issue here is not only ReCaptur but also that validation in Chronoforms is usually client side, and spammers automated tools avoid that.
So what is needed is server-side php that uses regular expressions to search for URLs in fields and reject the email if they are found.
However the FAQ is pretty sketchy about how to use pre-email php to validate form data server-side.