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Wordpress Form Showing multiple times (4)

Hi, I have used Chronoforms before in joomla and have followed multiple guides and successfully created working forms, Recently I have created a store in wordpress and installed the Chronoforms plugin and went about creating a form as usual (I watched a tutorial as well to catch up with things) however the form I created, again very simple shows on the page 4 x .
literally shows the same form 4 x in a row in the header when I click test form. ( with the rest of the site below , not on its own page)
I have tried searching for this error in the forums and in google but cannot find anything similar.
Any suggestions ?
thanks for any help .
Sorry cant seem to edit the post,
I have looked again and the form shows 4x in the header (before any info at all, even the store logo and top menu) , but then 1 x under the main top menu and HOME, but before the welcome to (storename), I have changed multiple templates and all seem to show the same thing.
Once again any suggestions would be helpfull
thank you.
Got round this in the end, I was used to using Chronoforms 5 with Joomla in the past where it was very polished and worked fine. but I didn't realist that in wordpress you have to
1. create a new page in wordpress
2. then put the form name within the page once created ie
for a form named "send_info'"you need to put the following in the new page you have created
[Chronoforms5 chronoform="send_info"], Just paste it in then navigate to the new page you have created vs clicking test form within the chronoforms plug in.
One other thing to remember you cant preview the form as you can in joomla you have to go to the url and actually submit the for to test it.
Hope this helps someone else.