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V6 - Save User - same username check not working

oloccina , June 10 2018, 09:21
oloccina 118
June 10 2018, 09:21 #378220
I created a registration form, but the "save user" event is not working properly.
When I try to register a new user using an existing username, it doesn't gives any error.
For now I solved like this ( I put an event loader and a custom error message on fail)
Maybe it's just me that don't understand how this is supposed to work, or it's a bug, not really sure...
I also attach my whole form in case you want to test
Thank you
oloccina 118
June 10 2018, 11:47 #378223
OK, solved by disabling ajax for the form.
Still, the "event loader" should still be on place in "fail", to show the form again tot he user if user save is failing.
admin 27
June 15 2018, 13:32 #378353
Hi oloccina,
The v6 save user will not show an error by default, the save will fail but you have to do it the way you did!
Best regards,
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