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Problem with configuration REcaptcha in Chronoform v4

lifecolor , June 07 at 07:31
I have a problem with spam in a form of my site.
I have change the traditional captcha input in the solution with google recaptcha.
I created my recaptcha keys.
I have enabled the plugin and entered the keys.I inserted the snippet in the template head.I inserted a custom element with the recaptcha snippet.In event on load in the first place I inserted Load Recaptcha with the public keyIn event on submit I entered Check Recaptcha with the private key.In Check Recaptcha I inserted the Event Loop element in OnFail (Target event On load - next action yes)The Recaptcha appears to me but pressing send always gives me the error The reCAPTCHA was not entered correctly.Please try it again.If I remove event loop, I leave the mail but do not check the captcha.If I change the event targets in event loops, I have a blank page.
Can you help me?Thank you
Hi lifecolor,
I've just replied to your PM with the same question. Please do not double post.
ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much