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Form not working

oloccina , June 02 2018
oloccina 118
June 02 2018 #378104
I wonder if you can help me to understand this issue:
I have built a simple form to subscribe people to acymailing. In "preview" mode the form works just fine, but in frontend, when inserted in the page through a module it has some problems.
The form looks fine on this test page
but it doesn't subscribe the user email to the list, and after submitting it the page is reloaded with this url
and at that point the form looks different, the layout is slightly broken and the submit color button has changed.
The form should just show a thank you message after submit, as I said in preview mode it works juts fine, and is not inserted into the article, it's a chronoform module I published there.
Anyway, I attach the form backup to this post just in case you want to test it on your side.
Thank you!
I just re-tested it today and it works... it seem s that there is some kind of conflict because the form sometimes works and some other times ti doesn't, feel free to test on your side and verify