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Repeater content in email

jlundmark , May 31 2018
jlundmark 8
May 31 2018 #378054
I'm having trouble getting the repeater area values in CF6 to pass through to the email template. In CF5 you'd simply add {repeater:items} to the email template. Here is the array output:

[chronoform] => RequestInformation
[event] => submit
[group] => Array
[{"key":0,"row":0}] => Array
[firstname] => test name 1
[middlename] => test middle name 1
[lastname] => test last name 1
[workphone] => +1(111)111-1111
[cellphone] => +2(222)222-2222

[{"key":"1"}] => Array
[firstname] => test name 2
[middlename] => test middle name 2
[lastname] => test last name 3
[workphone] => +3(333)333-3333
[cellphone] => +4(444)444-4444

[{"key":"2"}] => Array
[firstname] => test name 3
[middlename] => test middle name 3
[lastname] => test last name 3
[workphone] => +5(555)555-5555
[cellphone] => +6(666)666-6666

GreyHead 63.5
May 31 2018 #378057
Hi jlundmark,
Please see the LOOP section on page 27 of the CFv6 manual.
ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
jlundmark 8
May 31 2018 #378067
Thanks, I was able to get it working. I was using the loop but I didn't have it quite right.

I'm having a few other issues now:

1. Validation does not pass even if field has content when in repeater area, all works normally outside of repeater.

2. Unable to select radio options when in repeater area. Setting "Selected value" does set the default but am unable to change. Moving out of the repeater fixes it.
3. Mask only works of first item in repeater area.
chekwan 76
June 27 2018 #378615
hi jlundmark,
can you attach the copy of your form.?
admin 27.0
May 06 at 12:30 #386562
With the latest v6.1.1 update, setting the email to use the Page template will display all the repeater contents in the email body automatically!
Best regards
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