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Calendar not working for Time in Fields in CC

healyhatman , April 30 at 11:01
Steps to recreate:
Add a Fields view
Add a Calendar to the Fields, with Type: Time (or really anything other than "date")
What happens:
When selecting the time, instead of the field showing the selected time it just shows the current date
HTML view:
    <div class=" field"><div class="ui popup calendar top center transition hidden" style="bottom: 38px; left: 792px; top: auto; right: auto;"><table class="ui celled center aligned unstackable table three column minute"><tbody><tr><td class="link">8:00 AM</td><td class="link">8:05 AM</td><td class="link">8:10 AM</td></tr><tr><td class="link active focus">8:15 AM</td><td class="link">8:20 AM</td><td class="link">8:25 AM</td></tr><tr><td class="link">8:30 AM</td><td class="link">8:35 AM</td><td class="link">8:40 AM</td></tr><tr><td class="link">8:45 AM</td><td class="link">8:50 AM</td><td class="link">8:55 AM</td></tr></tbody></table></div><label for="calendar4">Calendar</label>​
​<input placeholder="" name="calendar[id]" id="calendar4" value="" data-startmode="day" data-type="time" data-format="hh:mm" data-mindate="" data-maxdate="" data-startcalendar="" data-endcalendar="" type="text" data-calendar="1" class=""></div>
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