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issue on csv download

yanshuang , April 25 2018
yanshuang 1
April 25 2018 #377259
@GreyHead i having issue on csv download but i don't know how to post a new question so here i am..
p1.pngAll my column shown "array" as the value. pls help
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GreyHead 63.5
April 25 2018 #377270
Hi yanshuang,
I can't tell from the information here.
Please set the Page Limit for the Read data action to a low number - say 3, add a Debugger action after it followed by a Stopper action (to prevent the download) and copy and paste the Debugger output here.
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admin 27.0
April 29 2018 #377381
Please try changing the "Data provider" to {var:read_data10.[n].Model_Name}
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