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Simple contact forms not working on Android + Chrome APP

oloccina 118
April 19 2018 #377099
I am testing my forms on
Android phone (7.0) + Chrome Browser APP (65.0.3325.109)
and none of them seem to work.
I have tested a similar contact form (very simple) both with V5 and V6, both of them give errors.
V5 form:
after submitting the page refreshes and the form is empty again, no message is being sent
V6 form:
after submitting I get a 404 error with the message "1390393096 pleae set some HTML first bfore calling emogrify"
both this forms work fine in a pc
I attach both of them in case you want to run some tests on your side
Thank you
GreyHead 63.3
April 19 2018 #377102
Hi oloccina,
The CFv5 problem is probably a result of the Action URL not working - I suggest that you try setting Relative URl to No in the HTML (render form) action.*
The emogrify library is not used by ChronoForms - it may be used by Joomla or have you installed an extension like Email Beautifier?
* Is there some particular reason why you have embedded the form in an article rather that using the form page directly?
ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
oloccina 118
April 19 2018 #377108
Thanks for the quick solution, now V5 works on Android!
Not sure about V6 and emogrify, I don't have email beautifier, but I do have many plugins and components installed.
Generally, I prefer embedding the forms into articles because is quicker for me to edit on the fly the text that is around them, instead than editing the form in the backend.
Thank you