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How to create a view lists from current date and later

dhuizinga1 , April 09 2018
dhuizinga1 104
April 09 2018 #376856
I have finally a list width playdata for the teams. This with all te support from you... and specially Bob. Thanks folks for your patient with me.
As you can see in the picture contains the list ALL data... with dates in te past and in the future:
I know it is possible but i can;t find how... But I want to make two list.. .one list with dates in the future and one list width dates in te past.
I tried a couple of select statements but it doesn't fit
the field, called Datum is the date field and is from the type DATE. See Pic:
the function who called this list looks like:
It almost a empty fn. I think that I must setting a Where condition but I don't no what i must fill in overthere.
Maybe can someone help me width that.
thanks in advance
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healyhatman 5.7
April 10 2018 #376878
Where conditions:
EDIT: was missing a colon, my bad.
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dhuizinga1 104
April 10 2018 #376924
Thnx healyhatman.... you helped me a lot
now can i can made two liste.. one liste with games in the feature and one list with played games...
Now can i go to my next puzzzle.. thats for me a big thing and i don't see waht i'm doing wrong.. my issuw now is how i can display a record instead a list.
I tried to follow instructions with the demo article list... but i don't get it what im doning wrong...
so i must searching for the answerd....
live your dream, do not dream your life