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Rich text editoir options

gasoline , March 24 2018, 18:35
gasoline 53
March 24 2018, 18:35 #376397
Chronoforms is awesome. Thanks guys.
I'm setting up a form now for someone and we need the rich text editor. Is it possible to make it more 'simpel' so remove some icons from the options. I f.e. don't need 'code' 'maximize' 'video' 'images' etc.
How can I configure the RTE to remove those items.?
I build custom made Joomla templates since 2005!
admin 29
March 25 2018, 00:10 #376400
Hi gasoline,
It will not be easy to make this without changing a core file, there is no interface to change the buttons
What you can do is to use the Joomla RTE using a PHP code line and change its settings in the Joomla plugin.
Best regards
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