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how to work in localhost

univ , March 12 at 09:52
i just buyed chronforms vs 6 but activation doesn't work in localhost. How to?
Hi universita,​
​For questions about activation please contact Max using the Contact Us menu above.​
ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
i attach my question to this
i want to buy CC6 and CF6, and my questions are:
if i buy a code, can i use it in xampp and production site togheter? If yes, How?
my scenario:
XAMPP is faster and safe to develop changes and i need to show changes through remote desktop to my client before put them on production site
i found a workaround for local use:
- disconnect network
- put system date before trial mode
obviously. after reconnecting network, the system date is updated and trial mode expires again.
This is "enough" (but a bit frustrating) to develope but when i want to show the work in progress through remote desktop i need network connection.
Is there a way to activate in localhost a not-expiring trial mode or a renew trial mode?
In alternative is possible to activate xampp and production site togheter with the same code?
thank you for this great plugin.