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Chronoforms not sending mail

annette_s , March 06 2018, 09:38
annette_s 12
March 06 2018, 09:38 #375883
I use Chronoforms for a long time and I had not problems at all.
Since a few days chronoforms is not sending the contact form. If I fill out the form and then send the contact form no thanks message is shown and no email is sending, the formular is empty and nothing is happen.
If I test the form in backend it is working.
You can see the problem here:
Do you have an idea what the problem can be?
admin 27
March 06 2018, 14:19 #375891
Hi Annette_s,
It looks like you have the form embedded inside an article using the plugin, if you have the website cache enabled then this may cause the problem you have, please try to open the form, go under Setup and "Render form" and change the "Relative url" setting to "No"
Best regards
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annette_s 12
March 07 2018, 07:03 #375915
Hi Max
Thanks for your answer. This was the problem. Everything is working now.
Best regards