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How to use selection checkboxes for data deletion or csv export

Elitakey , March 05 2018, 17:50
Elitakey 209
March 05 2018, 17:50 #375868
Hello, looking for somebody to help me with this:
"demo Articles list with advanced features" has select_article checkbox feature and have publish_selected_button to publish all checked articles. I have managed to modify this for articles deletion and everything works fine. However, I cannot replicate this with my connection.
I have strong feeling that the problem lies in the Delete Data function, with Delete condition syntax.
So, could anyone explain this (in "demo Articles list with advanced features")
Delete coditions:
what is /in?
and how it might be applied with the read data for Chronoforms Submissions, where id is aid and Model name Submissions?
I tried this:
none is working.
Perhaps I am missing something? Something else?