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DB Save and Checkbox Group

remix , February 21 2018
I'm having problem with saving Checkbox Group values in the database
I ensured that the Field Name of the checkbox group had
  • after the name: Mycheckboxgroup
  • but when submitting the form if I checked one or both the checkboxes I receive the error message:
    1054Unknown column 'Array' in 'field list'
    I tried under the Edit action for DB Save to set "Save under Model ID" to NO or to YES but that does not solve the issue
    Please could you drive me to the correct settings I have to use?
    Thanks in advance
    HI remix,
    Please drag a Handle Arrays action into the OnSubmit event and move it up before the DB Save action.
    ChronoForms technical support
    If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
    Thanks GH!
    That makes it
    Best Regards