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Multiple Database in same form

rafaelscouto , February 19 at 17:57
Is it possible to load two databases on the same form?​
​I need to do the following:​
​Take some data from the "client" database and save it in the "proposal" database.​
​For this, I created a form and in the data provider I call the database "client", but I could not get it to save the rest of the data in the database "proposal".
Hi rafaelscouto ,
Should be no problem - you will need to make sure that the Model IDs match up if you are using them.
Note: it's usually bad practice to duplicate data between different tables - better to link and shared data by including the record id(s) from the first table in the second one.
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I was able to resolve using this: {data: Cad}&{data: Prop} in the data provider option in, Database, Save Data