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Saw the form completed live by a visitor !?

flodariege , February 19 at 16:13
Hi GreyHead, bonjour Grand Chef,
I just experienced something really weird.
I was running my own form to check something, and when I hit submit, it tolded me the captcha was not answered correctly (nocaptcha, so it is just a box to check).
I went down into the page to "answer" the nocaptcha again and...
I saw the fields were completed differently (from what I just did 2 seconds before) : the name was not mine, the phone was not mine and so on.
2 seconds later, I received an email from my website, containing the form completed by the visitor who apparently filled in the form exactly at the same moment than me.
Maybe it's just weird and funny, or maybe it is frightening: at this point I don't know.
What do you think?
Did I forget an important security check?
Greetings from France
Hi Flo,
This is very strange, are you saving the form data ? there is no way the data sent by a different user is passed to your form this way, or maybe something on your website/server is doing that.
Best regards
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