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Migration from v4 to v6?

NanaSwi , February 14 2018
Dear Board,
is there a possibillity to migrate/update forms from Chronoform v4 directly to v6? Or do I have to go over v5? if not so, do I have to build all forms new from scratch?
If this topis has a already been dircussed, please send link. Thank you!
I have Joomla 3.6. and I installed chronoforms v6 sucessfully
Hi NanaSwi,
There is no automatic upgrade between versions. There are some limited options using Backup + Restore but most often these are not helpful as only the HTML is transferred and will not match the CSS of the later version.
The best solution is probably to install CFV6 alongside CFv4 and then to rebuild forms in CFv6 when they need to be updated - or you have time.
ChronoForms technical support
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